Mochi Spotlight

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Mochi Cafe is happy to introduce our newest group of members. Everyone, please give your warmest welcome to Generation Six as they begin their journey as new Mochis! Stay tuned for new staff biographies, debut events, and more via our Facebook page.

News and Updates

Mochi Cafe's Birthday

August 16
It's time to celebrate! Mochi Cafe is turning three years old this year, meaning there are contests, prizes, and special media goodies galore. And no birthday would be complete without a party of course!

Joyner Elementary Outreach

May 9
Mochi Cafe was hitting the books as they visited Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary school to become cultural ambassadors for a day and meet with future leaders in the making.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

Sunday October 21st
Help Mochi Cafe save lives, one step at a time!